Opportunity - LEGO Technic "I Build For..." (Englisch)


Updated! Please note that this opportunity is now open to everyone around the world!

We’re looking to celebrate modification, customization and experimentation in pursuit of your interests and passions through LEGO Technic.
We're looking for 8 volunteers to tell us your story and answer the question “Why do you build?” Do you build to prototype and problem solve? Do you build to teach STEM principles in your classroom? Do you use Technic to mod your builds?
Using Technic elements to build the car of your dreams
Using Technic to solve a problem in your every day life
Use Technic to build an amazing contraption or machine
Use Technic for your prototypes and big hydraulic movers
Pneumatic Tractor
Roller Coaster
Crane Lift Challenge
Great Ball Machine
Mini Golf
V8 Engine
The sourced content will be used across various LEGO channels and potentially third party websites. Volunteers will receive # sets from the 2HY18 release. Each selected fan will receive three LEGO Technic sets (#42077 Rally Car, #42079 Forklift and #42081 Volvo Zeux).
1 video [1080p or higher]. Video must be in English. Please note that the original video may be edited and dubbed over with a narrator depending on the usage of the video on certain social media platforms (ex: a compilation of top car creations).
3-5 pieces of photo content on a clean, solid color background with the model as the focus
Please refrain from using action toys, third party elements or minifigures from IP (ex: no Star Wars, no Marvel characters), no weapons or replicating non-LEGO toys (ex: Nerf guns) and please do not show any brands or logos (other than LEGO) in your builds! Remember to only use Technic and power functions elements (ex: no Mindstorms)
Express interest by AUGUST 30
Volunteers notified by AUGUST 31
Products shipped AUGUST 31
Content to be delivered by OCTOBER 1
If you or anyone in your recognized community is interested in this opportunity, please send me an email to Alyssa.Harrington@LEGO.com with “LEGO Technic volunteer” in the subject line. Volunteers will be notified by August 31. To be considered during the selection process, we kindly request you include your full (real) name, your mailing address and phone number, the name that you'd like to be used for credits, your recognized community name, why you build and any photos or video content of your Technic creations.
If there are any questions, please feel free to post them here under this topic and I will do my best to answer them!
Tuesday at 08:46 PMby Alyssa Harrington
Now open to everyone!
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